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WP_20130719_045_joseann_Helsinki2013_crop      Hello and welcome to CITY-TUNES

 – Tunes tell stories that words never will. –

My name is Joseann Freyer-Lindner. I have lived in Finland since 2003. In 2012 I moved with my family from North Karelia to Helsinki, so I know the Finnish country side as well as the metropolitan area here in the South.

My professional background is in forestry, however, today I work as an authorized Helsinki and Suomenlinna Guide for incoming agencies and I work as a translator.

CITY-TUNES is my own  project. I love Finnish music and music adds a fascinating dimension to sightseeing. I have developed an enchanting sightseeing tour that shows you the main attractions of Helsinki and gives you a great listening experience with inspiring music samples from Finland.   Welcome to an inspiring, enjoyable and varied cultural Finland experience.

Thank you for visiting!  Would you like more information or book a tour? Click here

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2 thoughts on “About English

  1. Hi, this looks good. Lets talk when you are back. I really feel we can make this to a next bigger thing if we plan this together and co-operate. You have a fan. Pekka


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