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Are you looking for things to do in Helsinki?

*** Tunes tell stories that words never will. ***

What is City-Tunes?Bear

Citi-Tunes is a 3 hour cultural walking tour in Helsinki with music from Finland. It is ideal for small groups of active, culturally interested travelers who are open to experiencing sightseeing with all their senses.  The tour presents the most beautiful sights of Helsinki with carefully selected music samples and creates a profound sightseeing experience. Each participant receives high quality stereo earphones and a receiver with volume control. Our audio system is of great quality and allows for superb listening experience. Through our excellent composition of stories and music, Helsinki sightseeing comes alive in a fresh, inspiring new way.

What sights and attractions will I see in Helsinki?

We will see the main sights like Senate Square, Uspenski-Cathedral, Marketplace at the South Harbour with Presidential Palace, Esplanades, Train Station, Kiasma, Rock Church, Art Nouveau buildings, one surprise building and of course a lot of details on the way.

Why music tour?

Music is a straight path into the heart and soul of a country. For centuries, Finnish people have passed on their culture to the next generation through singing and music. More recently, in the 19th century, music became a powerful force for the creation of the Finnish identity. Music also played an important role in the fight of the Finnish people for independence and it gave strength against all odds during World War II. Music from Finland is versatile and always distinctly Finnish: there is traditional Folk Music and rune singing,  classical music by famous composer Jean Sibelius, Finnish tango and Pop music, Jazz, Rap, Hip Hop, Sami Music and world-famous Metal Rock, to name just a few.

Is this only about music?

This tour is about adding a new dimension to Helsinki sightseeing. The tour is a well-balanced composition of interesting stories and carefully chosen samples of music from Finland. It is designed to deepen your sightseeing experience, to inspire, enliven and to have fun.

What if I don’t like a specific type of music?

The Basic Music Tour is all about variety. You will hear samples of different music from Finland. If you don’t like a piece of music at all, you can always turn the  music off or take the earphones away.

I also offer two  special tours:  Classical Tour for classic fans with an emphasis on classical & traditional music, and a Hip&Rock Tour for Fans of Rock, Pop, Jazz, Rap a.o. During December, I offer a Christmas tour with Christmas songs from Finland. Ask for a special tour.

How does it work?

We meet at the agreed starting point and you receive your own high quality stereo earphones and receiver, which allows you to control the volume. Our audio system is of great quality and allows for superb listening experience. We will then walk for 3 hours (at times use the tram) and visit the main sights. There is always time for sitting down or asking questions.

How much does it cost?

You will find information on pricing, availability and more tours on my booking page.

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Should you wish to schedule a private tour for a group or have any special wishes or questions, please  fill in the contact form below or add this information on the booking page.

Any scheduled dates for open tours can be found on the Facebook page  City-Tunes

Seeing Helsinki with music from Finland is fun and informative. Come alive and go back home with  new tunes to remember.


Contact form: Please insert your wishes, desired date & time for the tour, number of participants and your email-address. Thank you.

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